Shipping Agency

Docks Maritimes Consignation can provide shipping agency service to all ships carriing incoming and outgoing goods (solid, liquid, bulk, containers...) on the french bay.




 The shipping agent is the representative of the ship owner and the Captain in the port. He is entrusted with the task of organising the ship's call in the port and must inform the shippers or the recipients of the goods, as well as the port autorities of the prospects.

During the call the shipping agent is in charge of meeting the everyday needs of the Captain and crew, such as food, fresh water, medical care, crew change...

Independantly of this activity directly linked with the ship, the shipping agent is also in contact with the forwarders representing the shippers or consignees so that the merchandise is bought alongside or removed during ship's call.

The shipping agent must also keep the ship owner informed of any event that might occur in the port and, above all, provide forecast of the departure time so the shipping agent in the next port can organise forecoming call.